KING VAN*******

  • Origin: Armenia, Marz Ararat.
  • Raw material: Brandy spirits from grapes Rkatsiteli, Garan Dmak.
  • Aged:7 years.
  • Alcohol: 40 %.
  • Volume: 500 ml.
  • Color: Amber with a golden shade.
  • Taste: Combination of rich, warm, mature and simultaneously very thin taste.
  • Temperature of serving - Room temperature. 

Recommendations to the use:

     On its quality and the appropriated designation this brandy is obliged to be maintained in oak barrels for minimum 3 years. It has unique handwriting of our experts. Following to the traditions, the bouquet of the brandy is made personally by one of the best wine makers. In this case Tigran Galstyan has picked up a necessary composition of brandy spirits made in various zones. "ARKA VAN" 7 years old is presented in a typical packing, developed by the order of the firm.


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KING VAN*******
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