A drink received as a result of distillery of ferment products, has been named by vodka (the diminutive-hypocoristic form of the word "water").

     The first written data on distillery can be found in Eberse's papyruses (about 1500 B.C.). In 1 century A.D. in Alexandria the Greek alchemists had something like a distiller.

     For manufacturing of vodka  D. I. Mendeleyev's scientific works have special value, which has created alcoholometric tables  and investigated the processes, occurring at mixing of spirit with water. It is noticed by him, that physical and physiological properties of hydro-alcoholic liquids depend on their concentration. He has shown that perfect maintenance of spirit in the wheat vodka is 40 % from total amount.

     We offer you original wheat vodka, manufactured by "Brest" Wine Factory LLC, which will decorate your life, will make it pleasant and interesting.


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