• Origin: Armenia, Marz Ararat.
  • Raw material: Brandy spirits from grapes Rkatsiteli, Voskehat.
  • Alcohol: 40%.
  • Volume: 500 ml.
  • Aged: 5 years.
  • Color: Amber with a golden shade.
  • Aroma: This tremendous drink possesses exclusively rich and complex aroma with notes of wood nuts and truffles. It is worth the most exacting consumers and experts.
  • Taste: Complex balance of mature fruit, cedar and honey will present you improbably wide scale of flavoring sensations.
  • Temperature of serving: Room temperature.

Recommendations to the use:

    "ARKA VAN" 5 years old enters into a blend nearby 6 carefully selected by criteria riches, balance and endurance of brandies. At the exhibition of wines and strong drinks ArmProdExpo 2005, the commission of experts has unanimously recognized this brandy as "The Best".


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