"Winar" Wine Factory LLC was founded in 1995. The basic activity of the company has been directed on importation of equipment for winemaking. In 2000 "Winar" Wine Factory opened a wine distribution store in Yerevan named "Wine World", where all the best local and important wines and liqueurs were promoted to wine-tasters and tourists from all over the world. In 2004 owing to our compatriot, the Armenian living in France Mr. Garry Andreasyan, and several wine-makers of the company, the big research has been carried out in all Marzes of Armenia, where grape grow. The choice has fallen on 4 basic Marzes and the subsequent grades of grapes:

  • Marz Tavush - Lalvari, Rkatsiteli, and Saperavi
  • Marz Vayots Dzor - Areni, Tozot
  • Marz Ararat - Kakhet, Nerkarat, Armenian Muskat
  • Marz Armavir - Haghtanak, Karmrahyut and Areni.

We have begun gathering and primary processing of wine raw materials in Marz Tavush. Since 2005 also in Marz Vayots Dzor have been collected 80 tons of perfect grapes of grade Areni.

"Winar" Wine Factory guarantees high qualities of services. The company approaches to manufacture of different grades of wines very carefully, namely preservation of traditional processing grape manholes, fertilizer of rods of the grapes, excluding the usage of the toxics. One of the advantages of the company is that the company in wine manufacturing uses traditional grades of grapes from different areas of Armenia. Cooperating with gardeners, the company considers features of each part of soil, a garden and a season. Special agro technical actions which provide a qualitative crop are being organized. The territories which are processed by wine makers of our company gradually extend.

For today capacities of "Winar" Wine Factory allow to process 2500 tons of grapes and 1000 tons of other fruits  a year. Activity of the factory basically is directed on manufacturing of ordinary wines, and also branded and collection wines. For manufacturing of high-quality wines, "Winar" Wine Factory uses aboriginal grades of grapes.

 The main activities of the company are:

  • Manufacturing of champagne and sparkling wines
  • Manufacturing of fruit, (dried) fig wines
  • Manufacturing of grape wines
  • Manufacturing of fruit, (dried) fig brandies

 "Winar" Wine Factory is located at village Norapat, Marz Armavir, 45 km from the capital of Armenia Yerevan. The total area of a factory makes 2 hectares.

 Logistic structure of the company is:

  • Facilities for grape processing
  • Facilities for wines bottling
  • Facilities for champagne and sparkling wines bottling
  • Facilities for wine processing and aging
  • Machine-shop
  • Warehouses.

Partners of the company:

"Winar" Wine Factory imports the equipment from Italian companies "Milesta", "Spagni" and French company "Pera" which are considered as the best ones in Europe on creation of reprocessing equipments.

         The production of our company always decorates parties, which are organized by the state and public companies, acting on the territory of Armenia. The assortment of production can be got in supermarkets of Yerevan, Gyumri and Vanadzor, and also in specialized shops of wines.